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WI Campaigns

Each year The WI campaigns to change things for the better by tackling the issues that matter to members.

From equal pay to climate change, from gaps in the midwifery workforce to the plight of the honey bee, WI members have embraced a diverse set of challenges and built a reputation for the WI as a practical and ambitious organisation that doesn’t shy away from tricky issues.

This year we are nationally campaigning for two changes. These are: 

Get on Board for a Better Bus Service

With bus services under threat across England, Wales and the Islands, this resolution calls on both local and national governments to take action. This campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of local bus services and to empower members, WIs and federations to make the case for buses in their local communities.

5 Minutes that Matter

Our 5 Minutes that Matters campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of attending routine cervical screening, and support more women to make an informed decision about whether or not to take up their invitations. It also calls on WI members to help make cervical screening more accessible by tackling barriers to attendance.

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